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What causes stomach cancer?


Cancer is a disease that affects millions of people each year. Stomach cancer is the fourth most common type of cancer in the world. And while it is more commonly diagnosed in people over the age of 50, it can occur at any age. Despite these high numbers, there is still much unknown about the causes of this type of cancer. In this post, we will explore some of the possible causes of stomach cancer.

Keep in mind that while some of these causes have been shown to increase your risk for developing stomach cancer, they do not guarantee that you will develop the disease. So what factors increase your risk? And how can you reduce your risk of developing it? Let’s take a look.

One of the most well-known risk factors for stomach cancer is Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) infection. This bacterium is found in the stomachs of about half of the world’s population.

In the majority of cases, this procedure presents minimal complications. However, certain individuals might experience stomach lining inflammation and an elevated stomach cancer risk.

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h pylori infection

Another risk factor for stomach cancer is a diet high in processed meats and low in fresh fruits and vegetables. Studies have shown that people who eat a lot of red or processed meats (such as bacon, sausage, hot dogs, and deli meats) have a higher risk of developing stomach cancer. On the other hand, people who eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables have a lower risk.

Smoking is also a major risk factor for stomach cancer. In fact, smokers are two to three times more likely to develop the disease than non-smokers. Smoking not only damages the stomach lining, but it also increases your risk of developing H. pylori infection.

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Finally, being overweight or obese is another risk factor for stomach cancer. People who are overweight or obese are more likely to develop the disease than people of a healthy weight. This may be due to the fact that excess body fat can lead to inflammation throughout the body, including in the stomach.

While there is no sure way to prevent stomach cancer, there are some things you can do to reduce your risk. First, if you smoke, quit. Second, eat a healthy diet that is high in fresh fruits and vegetables and low in processed meats. And finally, maintain a healthy weight. By taking these steps, you can lower your risk of developing stomach cancer.

Should you possess any apprehensions regarding your susceptibility to stomach cancer, it’s advisable to converse with your doctor. They are equipped to evaluate your unique risk profile and guide you in mitigating potential risks.

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