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Hiatus Hernia

What is Hiatus Hernia?

  • Congenitally large hiatus
  • Injury to the area
  • Immense and continuous pressure while vomiting, straining during bowel movement, lifting heavy objects and chronic coughing
  • Advanced age – because at such an age the diaphragm muscle weakens
  • Indigestion or dyspepsia

  • Acid reflux symptoms
  • Heart burn: a burning feeling emerges from the abdomen or upper stomach to the lower chest area and into the neck
  • Pain in upper abdomen and chest
  • Acidic taste in the mouth
  • Feeling bloated in the stomach
  • Excessive belching
  • Unable to swallow hot drinks due to burning pain in the stomach
  • Persistent coughing at night due to reflux acid irritating the trachea
  • Asthma symptoms
  • Gum problems and bad breath
  • Hoarseness
  • Feeling of lump in the throat
  • Severe chest pain
Diagnosis Tests